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WinBackup is a applications that make backups of different types of files automatic or with a minimal use input.
Very often the people that work with important files don't realize who important is to make backups, only realize it when they need a replacement copy of the files. That was the reason the I 've been working in this project: to make a very simple backup programme.

The version 1.0 only worked with files, version 2.0 never see the light of the day and now here is version that work with any files and with firebird files, making a backup using Firebird's server and compressing the file.

ATTENTION: I will only release the files when sourcefourge statistics are on line.


Hard to setput by the user (it must be made by a system administrator)

Generate *.gdk files.

Compress optionally the files to zip format

Do backup of more than one Firebird files.

Execute backup on run or by user action.

Allow one backup by day, week, month or alway that the application is executed.

Error detection system-

Make backups of any file(s) in a directory recursively and generate only one compressed file.

Graphical setup after a parameter in the ini file is changed.

Generate a file name with a date or/and time or/and random number or/and prefix or/and suffix.

Make a log file

Very simple user interface.

The ini file:

source=D:\store\ Firebird source folder, where it will search for gdb and fdb files (not recursively)
target=I:\BACKUP folder in where the zip file containing the gbk files will be placed.
source=D:\winbackup\ source folder, where it will search for all files recursively.
target=i\:backup_src\ target folder
mode=0 not in use
date=1 add current date to the file name
serial=1 add a random number from to 0 to 999 to the file name.
prefix= prefix of the file name.
Sufix= suffix of the file name.
Log=1 make a log file.
Gifnoc=0 config in backward if 666 when the app runs will show the GUI setup
compress=0 compress all files in zip format.
Auto=0 run in automatic.
AutoWhen=0 when to do the operations (0=always, 1=dayli, 2=weekly, 3=monthly)
appname=My app the name to show in the caption of the program.
LastDate=27-03-2005 date of the last backup
MakeFireBird=1 do it in firebird files
MakeFiles=1 do in folders

Error codes:




Target fold not found (empty folder)


Source path not found

System Error

A system error, mostly trying to backup a FB without the server up

Attention:This error codes are not very accuracy, please check your configuration.

Manual:      27/03/2005
Web page:  27/03/2005

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